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this is my car blog. i have lots to say about cars and i didn't have anywhere else to put it. most of my knowledge isn't first hand so don't take it too seriously. add me if you're into the same kinda stuff and i'll add you back.


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another video from mb world [July 08, 2007 @ 9:48pm]
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Take 2! [June 28, 2007 @ 4:56pm]
Sarah and I were away in Dublin between saturday and wednesday - no good cars around Ireland - just a few chavved up civics and the like - much better to just enjoy the guinness rather than try to car spot.

Today I went back to mercedes-benz world. On my birthday I went there for a driving experience and drove the AMG CLK 63 and had a hoot (baby!) unfortunately I paid to get a DVD of me driving but in the car I was going in, the camera didn't work so I never got the DVD. They told me to come back for a free experience so I could have a DVD. Last week I sent them a letter asking when I could go back and they phoned me on saturday and arranged for me to go back today! Anyway on with the fun...

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Japfest NSX crash [June 18, 2007 @ 9:06am]

[June 17, 2007 @ 3:27pm]

Been enjoying the RX-7 (rex?) so much this week haven't got round to updating! Two major things this week tho, on tuesday we rushed home so that the air-con man could do his thing with the car and top up the refrigerant gas - I spent an hour talking to him while he got on with his thing and he did a thorough job, draining out the old and filling up with the new - although he managed to overfill the system to begin with when he put in about 800g of gas and the compressor went mental, when he reduced it to about 600g it was much happier and very very cool inside. I learnt lots about air-con too. The second thing was my first oil-change on the rex which went smooth as clockwork thanks to the two things I was worried about, not being a problem - I wasn't sure if my trolley jack was going to fit underneath (it did - just!) and then there's always the filter lottery - will it come off easily or will it put up a fight? - this one (thank goodness) is so easily accessible and also was only hand tightened! ace! so it took less than an hour overall and now I can be confident that there's very fresh oil in there - i've heard bad things about what can happen if a rotary misses an oil-change so my mind is much more at ease - although i'm going to stick to 3k oil-service intervals as they recommend on the forum. The oil-change did seem to make a difference to the car too with the second turbo now pulling really hard in the second half of the rev range (4500-8000) when I got sarah to give it the full beans up to to red-line last night

boxhill last week

Driving is so different from anything else i've had before - the ride over surrey's disgustingly pot-holed roads is awful but on smooth roads it's so stable you'd think that 130mph would be a comfy cruising speed! Sarah and I starting to get a bit more confident too - I had the tail-wagging today as I pulled away from a garage onto a dual- carriageway!

At work I think i've started something - I sent an e-mail round to everyone who might be interested about going up to santa-pod drag strip for a run what you brung day - I'm nervous now that I won't live-up to expectations on the track so i've been really thinking about my gear-changes in order to get them as slick as possible as it's an easy place to lose time on the strip - the day isn't until the middle of august so there's a little time left. I've asked my boss to come along on his bike too - apparently it can do the quarter in 10.7s!
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RX-7 ownership - day 2 [June 03, 2007 @ 5:33pm]
On Tuesday evening I was at work waiting for Sarah to pick me up as she does everyday. It went passed 17:30 and I hadn't got my usual call to let me know that she was waiting or that she was on her way. I gave her a call and to my surprise she was rather abrubt and informed me that she'd been bumped from behind while in a queue of traffic and was currently exchanging details and that I should phone again in 10-15 minutes. She finally arrived to pick me up from work at around 18:15. There seemed to be very little damage to the peugeot - maybe just a cracked bumper and a missing foglight so I wasn't too bothered. She proceeded to tell me that she'd been the front car in a six car shunt caused by the third driver in line who had not seen the two stationary cars in front of him! To cut a long story short, on further inspection it seems that there is more than just superficial damage to the car as the chassis and the boot floor are rather bent!

superficial damage?

Now, any other week this would probably upset me, but this week is a little different (more later). The insurance company were helpful - it seems if you're not responsible for an accident then they are happy to help you out, they arranged for a garage to inspect the car (and most likely declare it a write-off) and also for a hire car...

Sarah and I were expecting something similar in stature to the 205 (maybe a clio or something) when this arrived - A toyota avensis! We couldn't help but see the comedy, this is the most 'grandad' car i've been in since riding with my grandad. When driving it there is no connection with (or visibility of) the road! Sarah said: "It almost makes me motion-sick driving it, what I see going on outside has no bearing on the feeling you experience inside... It's the complete opposite of the peugeot - that was so raw.". I couldn't have put it any better myself so i'll leave it at that (except to say it does have ice-cold air-con brrr!)

Now the only real reason we needed a hire-car was in order to take us to Hazeley Heath (Hampshire) yesterday morning where this (see above!) was waiting for us! Finally we could collect the RX-7. I have been worrying about it since we went to view it two-and-a-bit weeks ago. Playing everything down in my head and trying not to get over-excited, second-guessing my judgement during the test-drive and expecting the worst. Surely it won't be as good as I hoped? Surely I will never get to drive a car like this? I'd read all the horror stories on the 'net and i'd been almost expecting that when I saw it again it would explode as soon as I was handed the keys (who knows why I was doing this to myself!) So I got in to drive it, and eased it off it's now previous owner's land (incidentally a very nice and honest chap). I drove it home slowly, avoiding too much boost with Sarah following in the (slow and heavy) avensis. It felt so good! I got home and poured over the paperwork to check all the history and re-affirm my faith in my own judgement. The car is a '93 Mazda RX-7, imported from Japan (hence the 'Efini' branding)in '03 with one UK owner before me. The engine was rebuilt when it was fresh off the boat at 72k miles (it's now on 89k) and the speedo was converted at the same time. The car is completely standard apart from a (useful) boost gauge in a pod on the driver's side 'A' pillar. The 1308cc (2 x 654cc) twin-rotor engine and twin-sequential turbos are good for 255bhp (versus 237bhp for the standard UK, extra-catted model) and peformance figures stand at 5.5secs to 60mph, V-max of 160mph and a standing quarter-mile of 13.9secs (all of which I intend to test at some point). It's been proactively maintained by a rotary specialist and all the bits that can go, have gone and then been replaced - there's even a £500 receipt for a turbo overhaul a little while back (credit!) so I guess my worries are pretty much quelled. So since my first few careful miles yesterday morning Sarah and I have now covered just over 200 using just under £45 worth of super (about 20mpg - not as bad as I'd feared) and we've exercised just a little bit of the performance potential with highlights including blitzing a new 6-series accelerating up a slip-road onto the A3 (he'd pulled over to overtake far too early and looked a bit silly) while we were giving dr. dykes a ride and sarah accidentally hitting 110mph a few rimes on the M3 because it's far too easy. Can't wait to do some more driving!

all too easy!
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so excited! [May 29, 2007 @ 10:45am]
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not too much car news this week - well ok, there is but not the news I wanted this week anyway!

After japfest last saturday Sarah and I have caught RX-7 fever! I have now been to every far and dark corner of the uk internet car classifieds and have found this, it's an imported standard japanese twin turbo rx-7. and it's fantastic! There are many rx-7s on the web but this one had all the things I was looking for:
japanese import (255 bhp as standard - fewer cats)
engine rebuit 15k ago (now covered 87k) ~ should go another 45k before needing another rebuild
enthusiast owner - he was the first uk owner after the car was imported into the uk 3.5 years ago
no mods - I think these things look great as standard and I haven't seen a modded one that I prefer also engine / turbo mods decrease the engine life so this one should last. (5.5secs to 60 is good enough!)
taxed, mot'd.

So after finding out all the info from the guy over the phone we went to see it last tuesday. I couldn't find a fault with it - it drove beautifully and everything worked, I made an offer and left a deposit so with any luck the next update will be all about the new machine!

The one thing that meant we couldn't pick up the car this saturday was that the chap selling had taken the car off the road and declared it sorn, this meant that he had no tax. the problem with re-taxing a car is that you need an insurance certificate and the owner didn't have one (I drove it third party on my fully-comp policy for the test drive) so in order to complete the sale on saturday, the seller will buy a tax disc for me but that meant getting my insurance sorted and the certificate ready in time to show at the post office. I hadn't factored into my planning the fact that insuring an import is that much more complicated than insuring a uk car. I was getting some ridiculous quotes for me and sarah fully comp (~£2500!!!) and the specialists were no use mostly the problem was sarah's age as the difference between being 22 and 25 is quite a lot in the eyes of the insurers. One company put me on to tesco insurance who were surprisingly good for insuring imports but still they wouldn't include Sarah. In the end I went to the comparison site moneysupermarket.com and they managed to find me a fantastic deal with bell.co.uk. and I set it up over the phone on saturday. I had a niggling feeling however that the details weren't quite right - the engine size was specified as a 2.3 and i'd read that I should be insuring as a 2.6 (the engine is only a 1.3 being a rotary so it's a bit confusing) so I phoned again this morning and changed it but all in all I've got a really good deal and will be paying £791 for cover with everything I need.

can't wait to get that car now!

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uber-massive japfest picture post [May 20, 2007 @ 2:45pm]
Went to japfest at castle combe yesterday and took lots of pictures

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some youtube videos of the drifting demos too


oh my god I think I'm actually going to buy one of these! [May 17, 2007 @ 4:07pm]

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rwyb @ptm show [May 06, 2007 @ 2:49pm]
Yesterday Sarah, Richard and I dragged ourselves up to Santa pod for the Performance Tuning and Modified show. The show was quite disappointing and tacky and the weather was a bit dull but we managed to put up with that long enough to get to the good bit - the run-what-you-brung drag racing on the quarter-mile strip - obviously this was a job for ricard's supra rather than the 205 so we all went in that. In the end Richard had four runs and put in a couple of respectable 15.4s passes, seeing the results tho I think more boost is definitely required for next time - when hopefully I'll be lining up against richard in something just as japanese and turbocharged!

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it works! [April 29, 2007 @ 6:06pm]
Haven't updated for a while - but plenty to report now.

The peugeot
Quite a bit done of late - as mentioned a couple of posts ago I changed the oil, replaced the passenger side suspension drop link and pulled out the dent in the sill. This weekend I got around to tackling one of the peugeot's most obvious issues - it's so difficult to start! Usually starting the car means keeping the throttle to floor and cranking for about 30 seconds while all of the cylinders catch. This isn't ideal and points to a couple of possible problems: The worst case scenario is that the head-gasket is starting to go - allowing a little water into one of the cylinders which needs to be cleared before it starts; another possibility is a leaky injector meaning that all fuel pressure is gone from the system when the car is left for a while and therefore needs a boot-full of gas to build up the pressure again before starting and one of the cylinders will be full of fuel meaning it doesn't spring into life too easily hence the rough 10secs of running once started. From all the evidence (including the constant smell of petrol around the car haha um) I was pretty certain it was the injectors so I grabbed a set off ebay and got around to having a play with them this weekend. first thing to do was relieve the pressure in the fuel system - this was achieved by starting the car (not too easy) and then pull-out the fuel pump fuse (number 14) so that all pressurised fuel gets used up. this was pretty easy. I nearly chickened out at the next task - I took out four bolts retaining the fuel rail aginst the inlet manifold and started pulling at the fuel rail to get it off the injectors - it was in there pretty well but after a bit of wiggling and wd40 it came off and then a load petrol (thankfully not under pressure) dribbled out over my hands and the inlet manifold (oops) that evaporated quickly enough (i felt slightly fuzzy for a while) and I had a look at the injectors individually. unfortunately two of my ebay injectors had slighly cracked nozzles - i wasn't sure if this would effect the spray but i decided not to use them. I picked the two best looking ones and set about replacing the two worst looking originals - one of which looked to have been burned slightly? is this even possible? but seemed to be a good likely culprit.

i made sure to clean each injector with a good dose of carb-cleaner and put the lot back together and kept my fingers crossed! I got in the driver's seat and went to start the car - no gas, just turning the key, then with no drama it started perfectly, just as you expect a fuel injected car to start! yes! - As a bonus the petrol smell seems to have diminished too but that might just be because I got such a lung-full that I can't tell anymore!

Another ongoing problem with the peugeot has been the lousy idle - revs dropping off to nothing when the engine isn't quite up to temp but the SAD (supplementary air device) has closed. I've played with the idle control valve a bit and sprayed carb cleaner all around to try to improve things but it just goes back to it's surgy, stalling self after a while. I went onto the forum (http://forum.205gtidrivers.com/) and found that the surging and stalling my well be down to my air flow meter being worn, so I read up this article - http://frwilk.com/944dme/afm.htm and reconditioned mine, re-tracking the variable resistor and so far so good - a nice stable 900 rpm idle today and no stall so fingers crossed that it stays like this.

Despite some still un-explained and intermittant motorway noises and the rumblings round tight, fast corners, The peugeot is in my good books at the moment, i'm hoping that it continues to respond and behave and maybe an mi16 conversion will be on the cards once it's retired as daily driver and replaced by the mr2 turbo. I have visions of 16v power and reliability, on top of koni-adjustables and full rollcage with a big disc conversion and stripped interior just crying out to be track-dayed.

I still haven't written about my birthday and drive at mercedes-benz world. I went there with the intention of getting some good auto-motive thrills and i wasn't disappointed. Initially, on looking through their experience menu, I had intended to take out an sl55 amg and get a dvd of myself doing it, unfortunately minutes before I was due to drive it, it was taken away to the garage as someone had obviously broken it. They were very apologetic and offered me a drive in the cl63 amg instead which i was happy to take but it meant that i couldn't get the dvd, although the staff were happy to offer me a free drive and dvd of me in the sl55 at a later date (i must get back to them about that!) driving the 63 meant that now richard could tag along as this thing had 5 seats and 4 doors which was a bonus. It also had a 6.3litre v8, 480bhp and every possibly electronic thing imaginable! The instructor, kieron, was great and as we found out he was also driving instructor to the stars having taught simon pegg and nick frost to drive for hot fuzz. The 63 did some frankly unbelivable things with it's traction control and stability control that would easily save your life many times over - cars shouldn't be able to brake and turn like that - it's impossible. having been very skeptical I really was surprised. doing several laps of the track kieron was able to show me racing lines and it was really worthwhile, the most fun however came when I got to have a go on the wet-circle where I spent half an hour learning to drift. it was fantastic! Richard was dying to take the supra round after!

I've had a few car spots recently - although today was Maserati day as I saw two quattroportes and a v8 coupe! also today in guildford I saw a lambo diablo - I can't remember ever seeing one on the rolad before. I have also seen a corvette around guildford i took a pic but can't find it now :P

one last thing - I bought the game RACE the other day, it's the fully licensed BTCC game and possibly the most realistic driving game i've ever played especially the force-feedback - you can really feel when the tyres are letting go - something that is soo hard for games to simulate. The best feature of the game however is the ability to drive e30 m3 and alfa romeo turbo from the 1987 touring car season - ace! At some point i intend to get back into 3d modelling and make myself a 205 gti for the free racing sim RACER (not to be confused with RACE)I have the blueprints - now all i need is about 40 hours spare to make the model!

[April 05, 2007 @ 2:15pm]
videos from AMG driving on my birthday (write-up will follow - when I have time!)


birthday [April 03, 2007 @ 8:20am]
today is my birthday, I'm 25. without further ado here's is my car related roundup on my birthday!

Sarah got me this t-shirt as a present - it's a205 gti!

Today dr. dykes and I are going to mercedes-benz world at brooklands it's free to get in but as i'm not 25 everyday so I think i'm going to splash out on one of their driving experiences - an hour of driving something AMG tuned would definitely be good! Also I think dykes is keen to try a couple of 0-60 timed runs in the supra (could be scary!)

Yesterday was fun - I took the day off work yesterday aswell. It started with me driving sarah to work then I got to take the most fun back-road home (got that rollercoaster feeling coming down the hill), stopping at halfords on the way to pick up some oil and a filter and trolley-jack. once home I got to the business of sorting a long overdue oil change on the peugeot and a good thing too as it was running really low - it had burned about a litre since i last checked! I had been a bit worried about the sump plug being broken but on closer inspection I realised that it was just a different design of plug from what i'm used to - a square 8mm bit was needed to get it out so of i went back to halfords again (the woking one this time - for a change) I also picked up a cheap filter wrench as my other one had gone rusty. back to the oil change and everything went smooth - peugeot had even had the decency to put the filter in a reasonably accessible place. So as that job was relatively painless, I crossed it off my list and got on with a couple of others - fopr a couple of months now the suspension drop-link on the driver's side has been pretty noisy - with lots of 'clonking' when going over bumps (in the peugeot with it's firm front suspension everything is a bump) I've had the part that I got from ebay for just as long and it was about time i fitted it! I jacked the car right up and got the wheel off but the old drop-link was quite a hassle to remove - the nuts and bolts just turned togther in the holes! after about an hour and a good dose of wd40 it was off and in the bin! getting the new part on was relatively painless - especially when I came up with the idea of compressing the spring with the trolley-jack to makes the holes line up so that I didn't have to try to fight the anti-roll bar with my bare hands! with that job done there was only one thing left on my car to-do list - pulling out that dent! I jacked up the other side of the car and got my slide-hammer out - it made the most phenomenal noise just like a gun going off (people around here are used to that living next to the danger zone!) but soon what was concave became convex i gave it a once over with some filler and touch-up paint to stop any rust where i drilled holes and I will get back to it at some point to make a neater repair but it's better than it was for now. I went out soon after and got some petrol and gave the car a good wash and went to pick up sarah!
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[March 31, 2007 @ 5:18pm]
so bixie went on the autotrader website on monday afternoon and in the magazine on wednesday morning. she was sold by 10pm on wednesday night for £850 - not bad considering I bought her 14 months and 14000 miles ago for £550! (just goes to show what a well written ad can do) I have since had about 15 calls about her! I had no idea that there was still such a market for E30s (thought it was just me!)

Today saw this in town - a stripped out, roll-caged 205 rallyeCollapse )

Also spotted a £350k mclaren mercedes SLR and an original 70's AM V8!

pimping my old BMW [March 26, 2007 @ 12:45pm]
Bixie got herself an oil change and fluids check yesterday. The oil change was the easiest ever I only made one little mistake - forgetting to put the sump plug back in before i'd poured (flushed?) half a pint of fresh oil through! I also washed and waxed her and took photos for the autotrader ad (which i'll post a link to when it's up)

anyway - here are the pics in hi-res glory!


I spoke to tom the rover coupe guy no friday night - it may well be that i'll end up as his co-pilot for the nurburgring trip in july as his co-pilot may be dropping out and I might only have one car which Sarah will want for work.

0-60 [March 26, 2007 @ 12:38pm]
Lunchtime on friday at work got me thinking a little about comparative 0-60s in cars - we were looking for somewhere to time the supra's 0-60 on the way back from a pub lunch (Dr. D had not been drinking) the car was 3 up but still felt incredibly fast - we didn't manage to time it in the end but i'm sure we will sometime. On saturday Sarah and I were out in the peugeot and it thought it would be interesting to test the 0-60 in that - the book value is 8.6, sarah managed a very respectable 8.46! We also found an absolutely blinding backroad near silent pool which I think Sarah might start taking regularly on her way back from work. knowing know how fast we measured it in the peugeot has got me thinking that supra must be hitting 60 somewhere in the mid 5s - we've got to get it to a drag strip - can't wait for the big turbo conversion!
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brakes [March 20, 2007 @ 10:37am]

took this photo the other day before dr dykes "fixed" his brakes- it's all funny now tho as he got them done properly over the weekend by wayne's mate (£50 as opposed to the £700 that toyota suggested) he's replaced the brake hoses with braided metal ones (won't burst them in a hurry) and now i'm trying to persuade him that 500bhp is a good idea (how could it not be?) as he's been offered a massive turbo for £250 - the supra could well be the budget supercar!
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[March 15, 2007 @ 2:19pm]
got bixie back with her fresh mot and fresh new windscreen on tuesday and had a great drive from the garage back to work at lunch time - she felt fresh and fast but without a stereo the tappets are kinda loud! After driving the peugeot for quite a while a few things seem quite unnatural in the e30's handling - first of all the power steering and slow rack are hugely noticeable and detract from the handling whilst adding to the comfort - the 205 gives so much more feedback about what the tyres are doing also the body roll of the e30 is quite pronouced too - the stiffness and anti-roll bars in the 205's suspension are obviously working hard. The other thing I noticed was how much faster bixie seems - relying on the torque rather than rattling up and down the gears as is required when driving the peugeot - the acceleration in bixie definitely feels faster than the peugeot despite their very similar books 0-60 times and power to weight ratios (170/1.27 for bixie vs 115/0.85 for the peugeot ~ 134bhp/ton vs 135bhp/ton! ) I think it must be down to the torque/weight as the torque figure for the peugeot is lower than the power value might suggest - something like 98lbft.

I will be putting bixie in the autotrader soon and I'm actually going to put a reasonably high price on her £900 - £950 (I want her to go to the right owner) as she's got loads of options and now plenty of mot! (I think I was very lucky to get such a bargain when I bought her!) but talking of options she had no stereo, but as luck would have it, I managed to find a sony car cd player in the shed - It had a savagly cut out wiring harness but using a few terminal blocks to hold things together I tested it in bixie and it works - another good selling point!

[March 12, 2007 @ 10:55am]
Yesterday Dr. Dykes borrowed our driveway so that he could replace the front brake pads on his supra(his new driveway is not solid) Sarah and I were painting the bathroom but there was no reason not to let him use the space as bixie is still waiting at the mot place. Anyway - he spent a while jacking up the car onto axle stands and then he proceeded to take the first wheel off (I had to intervene to get him to find a tyre iron rather than a socket wrench to take the wheel off) but the first side all went quite smoothly. when it came to pushing the piston back into the caliper on the second side it wasn't so smooth, Richard called for some help and between us we managed to wind the g-clamp enough to move the piston, suddenly for the last two turns it got a lot easier and we noticed that brake fluid was escaping onto the floor! Richard had accidentally bled the clutch fluid rather than the brake fluid when he'd started out (fair enough as the cap on the clutch fluid bottle is the one that explicitly states 'use brake fluid') and the pressure in the brake system had managed to relieve itself somehow (we weren't sure where but most likely a burst pipe)? He got the new pads on and secured the caliper and wheel but weirdly the brakes actually felt quite good and solid so richard took the car out for a tentative test around the block and all seemed ok. We're optimistically thinking that the pressure was relieved from somewhere around the filler cap as that showed signs of fluid that we hadn't noticed and it had developed a new whistling sound on releasing the brake pedal! Tommorrow the car is going to the garage so he can find out what the damage is and investigate the slight oil leak. but in the mean time he'll be getting lift to work with me and sarah!

starting the peugeot [March 09, 2007 @ 2:34pm]
bit worried - I haven't really spend anytime under the peugeot but whenever I have looked I haven't been able to see a plug on the sump and i'm pretty sure the oil in there is really tired. I hope the top of the bolt hasn't sheared off because I would have to pay someone to drill it out and re-thread the hole.

I was reading up on the gti forum that one of the possible causes of difficult starting could be a faulty fuel pump / fuel system de-pressurizing - this is conducive with the need to put your foor to the floor to coax the thing to start (also the smell of petrol and the not too brilliant fuel consumption) there are however a whole list of other things it could be - weak spark, faulty leads, distributor cap, rotor arm, ecu temp sensor, supplementary air device etc etc. might one day replace them all maybe.
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[March 09, 2007 @ 2:11pm]
so - Bixie went through her mot yesterday and failed on only one thing - a crack in the windscreen that was "not contained within a 40mm diameter circle" The garage gave me a quote for a new windscreen of £158 but recommended that I check with my insurer to see if i had it covered. I phoned admiral who said I was but that there was a £70 excess to replace the screen. Anyway, I've just got off the phone with the windscreen fitting guy and all is sorted and I have a new windscreen and bixie will be road legal for another year as soon as the garage have written up the certificate. ace. This weekend I will probably spend some time cleaning and photographing bixie before she goes on the autotrader. annoyingly I just got the reminder through for a new tax disk for her yesterday as the tax runs out at the end of march - I don't know if I should replace the disk myself now or gamble on selling her before the end of march and getting the next owner to buy the next disk - but then again most buyers will probably try to haggle down the price if there's no tax and it'll be annoying if I resist buying it now and end up having to get it anyway if I don't sell her in time. hmmm. It's annoying as I only just bought tax for the peugeot at the end of february. this month is proving to be quite expensive!

I found this on autotrader - it looks nice and it's a good price but it's not a convertible so not the summer fun we're after. I'll keep looking tho!
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